Ed-tech augmented by a child’s willingness to learn makes possible a future with equitable learning opportunities for all children and leapfrog progress in education for the underserved.  If ed-tech is specially crafted keeping in mind underserved children, it can help them reap multiple benefits. The educational platform dons the hat of a personal tutor, a remedial teacher, a friend teaching the same mathematical operation multiple times, a cartoon driving the point home in a fun way and teachers and social workers dedicated to helping the children learn at their own pace.

This is exactly what the Leap to Shine educational model does. Tailor-made for the underserved children across our supported projects, our model keeps in mind infrastructural challenges like lack of electricity and internet, lays emphasis on mother tongue along with English and delivers a monitoring dashboard to ensure your donation and support results in the outcomes sought from our model. Imagine being able to sit in New Delhi, and track the educational progress of a child living  in Tamil Nadu.  That’s the power of the Leap to Shine model.


“Our mission is to provide quality education to underserved children
using best-in-class digital technology”



UN SDG Gender Equality

To ensure education equality for all children


UN SDG Quality Education

Provide quality education to underserved children

UN SDG Good health and Well-being

Nourishment of children as per WHO standards


Make data-driven decisions and strive to achieve long-term and sustainable success.



Learn continuously by embracing new ideas