Enabling Quality Education for Underserved Children

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Have you ever taught your child to use a phone or tablet?

The most successful companies on the planet are technology companies – be it Apple, Google or Microsoft. But how many NGOs use technology to bridge the social divide? At Leap to Shine we have exactly done that using tablets to impart education to children

Khan academy is awesome, but it doesn’t work when we you are trying to provide education in remote villages in India. Our tablets don’t need internet – everything is pre-loaded in 8 regional languages for grades 1 to 12.

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Quality EducationQuality Education

UN SDG – Quality education for underserved children

Tech Ed EducationTech Ed Education

Technology learning platform in English and regional languages

Measurable ImpactMeasurable Impact

Centralized reporting Dashboard for continuous monitoring

charity organizations
charity organizations

Kartiyani Amma’s life story BAREFOOT EMPRESS has been a great inspiration for us.

We pledge to educate millions of girls in India through our initiatives

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