Saath, founded in 1989, is an Indian NGO based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Saath closely works with the deprived communities and empowers the socially marginalized by providing them education, health, livelihood services, and imparting skills leading to employment. In the last 30 years Saath has rendered it services to several slum residents, migrants, minorities, children, women, youth and vulnerable people in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra (Mumbai) and has touched the lives of more than 15 lakh individuals.
At its Narol Center, Ahmedabad, Saath runs a STEM Program that makes learning interactive for the children of migrant labourers, domestic helpers and other daily wage earners. In partnership with Leap To Shine, Saath will make access to digital education available to these children. E-learning mode will help in bridging the gap, make learning interesting and encourage the children to continue their education. The final aim is to rekindle the interest of school dropouts in studies and ensure re-enrolment in formal education.