Education for poor

Vikas Khanna

– Advisor

Vikas Khanna is an award-winning, Michelin-Starred Indian chef, restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker and above all a humanitarian based in New York City. He is the host of several TV Shows like MasterChef India and has written 38 books including “Return to the Rivers”, which was nominated for both, the James Beard Award. He is a strong supporter of enabling education for girls and education without walls.

Education for girl

Vindali Vartak

– Advisor

Vindali Vartak is a VP at Anthem Health. She spent the last decade volunteering for nonprofit organization Vibha heading Executive positions including her last position as a Board member. Vindali strives for excellence and has a passion for enabling education for gender equality. She enjoys being an Intraprenuer leading innovation, strategy, and growth. She lives in Alpharetta, GA with her son Arin.


Edwin Marcial

Edwin Marcial is the CEO of Thirteen Castles Digital – a software development firm that builds custom systems for early stage companies. Edwin also advises and invests in several early stage software companies including SnapNurse, Loyal Health, BetterCloud and Leaf Logistics. Edwin is also the creator and host of a web based video series where he talks to CEOs, founders and other business leaders while riding in an interesting car.

Education nonprofit organizations

Durgesh Das

– Chairman

Durgesh is the Head of Data Engineering at Intercontinental Exchange Group(ICE | NYSE). He has held various volunteer executive positions for the education nonprofit organization Vibha including that of CEO guiding them to serving underserved children for more than a decade. Durgesh lives in Alpharetta, GA with his wife Rosy, who works for Fostercare Foundation. His Daughter Sikha lives in NY and is a Sr Data Scientist for Twitter.

Child Education Nonprofit

Keyur Shah

– Vice-Chairman and Treasurer

Keyur, a Deputy CISO at Sema4, has been a Board member at nonprofit organization Vibha for more than a decade. He is a student of Design Thinking with a passion to bring the community together to enable education without walls, a UN SDG goal. Keyur lives in South Brunswick, New Jersey with his wife Milly and daughter Dishi. He practices Vipassana meditation and loves to watch cricket.

Education Without Walls

Sameena Shahpurwala

– Director

Sameena is a Banker at Wells Fargo. She has been an Executive Director for the education non-profit Vibha for more than 5 years and is very focused on her goal for providing quality education for gender equality in India and USA. She lives in Monroe with her husband Arshad and children Aaliyah and Kumeil.

The girl who stood up for education

Insiya Dhrolia

– Director

Insiya is a High School teacher at North Brunswick High School. She has held leadership roles for Vibha and ICS and is very active in the community. She has a passion for teaching children and supporting girl education. Insiya lives in New Brunswick with her husband, Mazahar and children Sophia and Zaina.