Community Outreach Programme (CORP) was registered in India, in 1977 with a mission to provide a platform for the holistic development of children and women. CORP believes self-sufficiency, not dependence, is the key to a life of dignity and self-respect. Since CORP’s inception, it has reached out to over one million children, women, and senior citizens across 13 slum communities in Mumbai.
Leap to Shine is partnering with CORP at their Thane Project where more than 300 children are positively impacted. Thane Project consists of 3 programs: residential hostel for girls, community programs for 2 localities. Children from these centers have dreams of becoming lawyer, doctor, Air Hostess and more. These are 1st generation learners. Digital Educational support will help them reach their dreams by enabling them to bridge the educational gap as easily as clicking a few tabs on the computer.