Dancing for a cause 2023: empowering underserved children through music and dance to make a difference

Dancing for a cause 2023: empowering underserved children through music and dance to make a difference

A Night of Celebration and Giving Back -- $110K Raised for a Noble Cause
The evening of September 16 th was filled with energy, enthusiasm, and rhythm at The Imperia in Somerset, NJ. The teams of dancers, volunteers and supporters of the Leap to Shine Dancing for a Cause competition and gala raised an astounding $110,000. These funds offer hope for underserved children seeking access to quality education. The proceeds from the event will be used to provide digital education resources including Tablets, Android TV, laptops with inbuilt digital content as per the students’ requirements and internet access to underserved students across supported projects in India. Part of the proceeds will also be used to support select organizations in USA.
Dancing holds a unique power to bring people together, transcending barriers and spreading joy. What if this power could be harnessed to make a positive impact on the lives of underserved children? That's precisely the question that drove "Dancing for a Cause," our initiative aimed at combining the magic of dance with the noble objective of providing education to those who may not have the means otherwise.

The event was not just about the competition between each dancer-choreographer pair, but also about coming together as a community to support a vital cause. Attendees enjoyed a delightful silent auction, tantalizing food, refreshing drinks, and of course, the chance to hit the dance floor and celebrate. It was a true celebration of the power of dance to make a difference.

Dancing for a cause 2023
Collaborating with Like-Minded Organizations and Individuals
This year, we were proud to have had an incredible lineup of judges, a distinguished chief guest, and generous sponsors who shared our passion for this cause. Our esteemed judges included Aric Diamani (theatre & film actor, model and Bollywood & Broadway choreographer), Anita Singh (trained in classical, semi-classical, contemporary, Indian folk and Bollywood dance) and Raju Sethi (President, CEO and creative force behind the AVS TV network). The judges’ collective expertise ensured a fair and exciting assessment of the talent that evening.
We were also honored to have Gunjan Banerji, Lead Writer at Wall Street Journal and a CNBC contributor, as our Chief Guest for the event. Her presence and supporting words were testament to the importance of our mission. And of course, our sponsors’ unwavering support made the event possible and enabled us to reach our fundraising goals. Our sponsors this year included the following organizations:
The Importance of Empowering Underserved Children Through Digital Education
Empowering underserved children through digital education allows access to education and opens new doors to opportunities. These children break cycles of poverty for a brighter future. In an increasingly digital age, providing these children with the tools to navigate the digital landscape is not an option, but rather a need.

This and other initiatives planned and executed by our volunteers pave the way for transformed lives, where children are equipped with the knowledge and tools to augment their learning experiences. 

Interactive learning experience, self-empowerment, self-confidence, and the belief that they can achieve greatness is no longer a dream, but a reality.
As we concluded that unforgettable evening, we did so with immense gratitude for everyone who had supported Dancing for a Cause. Our journey to empower the children through our efforts and the promise of digital education is far from over. We invite you to join us to a brighter future for the children we serve.

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